City Coucil Public Comments – Community & Development Budget Meeting

Jun 9, 2020

Years of complaints yet the building dept leaders are still not ready for action. We deserve better.

The Buck stops at Paul Casey, as he used to be the director of the Community and Development department. He as well as his leaders within the department have had ample time to make real meaningful changes. It has been status quo for too long. I believe that we are beyond the type of answers expressed in this meeting seen here and this to me indicates that the leaders will not only be unable to make real changes they may actually hamper any changes that the community is requesting. If you wish to see the original answers to Council Member Friedman’s question and Council Member Sneddon’s Question please click on the links below they should take you directly to where they start if not scroll to the positions indicated. Of course you can listen to the who video but it is over 4 hours long.

Renee’s question and answer. starts at 1:38:50

George Buell’s Question and Answer. starts at 2:42:30

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